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Viewers become the protagonists on Movistar+ MotoGP Social Paddock

This season Movistar MotoGP wanted to create new and innovative formats to get their viewers more engaged.

Movistar+ owns the exclusive rights to MotoGP content in Spain, which airs the races on their dedicated Movistar MotoGP pay-TV channel. This season Movistar MotoGP created Social Paddock, a socially driven programme that runs twice a week to invite fans and riders to join the conversation. Using Xtreamr, this season, fans were given the chance to connect on live television to speak directly with Ernest Riveras, famous sports commentator. And Movistar MotoGP was able to connect with famous riders and VIPs across the globe, to seamlessly bring them into the show to get their firsthand views.


“Movistar MotoGP has chosen Xtreamr as our tool for interaction because it offers us flexiblity, real-time interaction, and control for the presenter. With Xtreamr there are no audio delays, which ensures that the conversations within our programme are fluid. And the actual TV presenter can serve as the moderator, deciding live and on set, who will enter the conversation.”

Jordi RocaProducer, Movistar MotoGP

“One of the objectives we were looking for with Xtreamr was to bring the fan closer to the world of Movistar MotoGP. With this new tool we’ve been able to achieve this. Another objective we pursued was to be pioneers of a new TV format and thanks to Xtreamr we’ve defined an interactive format that has never been seen before in the world of MotoGP.”
Rafael RocaProducer, Movistar MotoGP

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